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Poster and Essay Contest

Each year, Youth Crime Watch of Miami-Dade sponsors a Poster & Essay Contest on a youth crime prevention theme. The contest is open to all Miami-Dade County Public School students. The contest provides students a forum to present their crime prevention action plans.

Past themes have included: Using Your Voice Against Youth Violence, Bully-Free is the Way to Be, Insert Cybersafety & Delete Cyberbullying, Helping My School’s Safety, The Upstander Network, Preventing Theft in Your School, Helping My School Always be Weapon-Free, My Vision of a Safe Community, My Reporting Plan to Keep My School Safe, and Values in My School’s Safety.


Bully Free is the Way to Be. Bully Free Zone.

Helping my school always be weapon free

Helping my school always be weapon free-- silence is the worst weapon

Helping my school always be weapon free


Keep safe and carry on reporting    Don't just stand there, do something about it, tell an adult

Youth Crime Watch Help stop crime and violence

My vision of a safe community

My vision of a safe community




Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners

Board of County Commissioners

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Police Department

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