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Red Ribbon Week Campaign

Youth Crime Watch (YCW) of Miami-Dade County annually participates in the Drug Prevention Red Ribbon Week campaign (October 23-31). Youth Crime Watch of Miami-Dade School Coordinators conduct “Drug Prevention” presentations/assemblies at Miami-Dade schools during the campaign. Various YCW school programs (clubs) participate in coordinating their school’s “Red Ribbon Week” with a wide array of “drug prevention education” activities.

Activities include:

  • Create YCW “Red Ribbon Week” Drug Prevention posters and post them at several locations throughout the school.
  • Contact YCW of Miami-Dade School Coordinators to conduct presentations/assemblies on Drug Prevention.
  • Decorate the hallways for the Red Ribbon theme; include things like red ribbons, red paper chains or student handprints cut from red paper.
  • Coordinate a Red Ribbon Week door decoration contest for all the classrooms.
  • Announce a “YCW Drug Prevention Tip of the Day” each day during the morning or afternoon announcements.
  • Sponsor a drug prevention contest (essay, poster, poem, theme song, slogan etc.) for Red Ribbon Week.
  • Encourage students to write and then sign their own personal pledges to live drug free.
  • Design Red Ribbon Week banners to hang in front of the school or in a prominent place inside.
  • Incorporate “Drug Prevention Education” in the school’s weekly curriculum.

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