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February 2018 - June 2018


Gloria Floyd Elementary continued their commitment to safety excellence by reinstating a YCW school program (club) and a MDCPS School Police “Kindergarten Cop” program. The Gloria Floyd Elementary YCW school program (club) spearheaded various activities including:  presenting safety tips during morning announcements, including YCW activities in school’s Facebook & Twitter pages,  performing at school’s special events, conducting student-led presentations to lower elementary level students on youth crime prevention topics, and much more. They once again had another successful  “YCW/Kindergarten Cop”  Commencement Assembly during the latter part of the school year. The school’s YCW Advisor Ana Arias’ energy and passion for youth safety resonates in her YCW & Kindergarten Cop student members.


Ojus Elementary’s YCW school program (club) was combined with the school’s Safety Patrol program, and the collaborative effort was very successful. The school’s YCW club met every Wednesday, where they spoke on different topics in regards to the safety of the student body. During the YCW “Stop the Violence” Blue Ribbon Week campaign, YCW student members presented safety tips during the morning announcements. Moreover, they also produced and performed a mini-skit on safety which was presented to students. We thank YCW School Advisor Ana Malvar for all her efforts.


Hialeah Senior High’s YCW school program (club) led by YCW School Advisor Ana Soto-Gonzalez were very driven and motivated to educate peers on youth crime prevention, which they did throughout the school year. Besides their YCW club meetings, they also coordinated special meetings to discuss issues on youth crime prevention directly affecting the school. They did a bonanza effort in the YCW “Stop the Violence” Blue Ribbon Week campaign by: hosting a YCW “Stop the Violence” Blue Ribbon Week Assembly comprised of several youth crime prevention presentations and a student play titled “The Bully Play” which spread messages of tolerance and acceptance; posting YCW Blue Ribbon Week flyers around  the school a week before the campaign to ensure that a plethora of students were aware about it; creating YCW “Stop the Violence” banners and posting  them around the school; sponsoring three YCW “Stop the Violence” contests- one for poetry, one for short movies, and one for door decorating; and sponsoring a YCW Blue Day where everyone was encouraged to wear blue. 

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